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Commercial & Body Corporate

Hedge TrimmingOur maintenance service offers long term dynamic scheduling and budgeting that will allow you to work towards goals, something that you wouldn’t expect to achieve with a cut it and forget it approach. We can design a Service Maintenance Program to meet your specific requirements that ensures your lawns and gardens look great all year round. See More

Fertilising & Lawn Care

Lawn-careThis type of Top Dressing application places a thin layer of organic soil mixture over the area of your lawn and adds organic, natural nutrients and minerals. We would apply a top dressing for nutrients if your lawn is in need of a boost, as it will encourage the production of new shoots and result in a thicker lawn with the added benefit to hinder moss and weed infestations. See More

Garden Clean Up

Garden Clean UpHave your gardens got out of control? Then call Above Expectations and sit back, relax and let our experienced team of gardeners do the work for you. Can’t remember the last time you had family and friends over for a BBQ? Kids can’t play outside? Wanting to sell your property? Spending your weekends a slave to your gardens and getting nowhere? See More

Hedge Trimming

Hedge-TrimmingOften people inherit out of control hedges when they move into a new property and don’t have the equipment required to do the job right or safely. Cutting them down to a manageable height can send the hedge into shock if done incorrectly and you risk losing the hedge all together. See More

Lawn & Garden Services

Lawn-MowerDon’t spend your weekends mowing and maintaining lawns and gardens when you can be relaxing with family and friends. Maintaining garden tools and lawn mowers can be expensive and you’ll be surprised how affordable it is to have a professional look after your property so that you can relax and get on with your life. See More