Hedge Trimming

“Hedges out of control and too high to handle?”

hedges out of control

Often people inherit out of control hedges when they move into a new property and don’t have the equipment required to do the job right or safely. Cutting them down to a manageable height can send the hedge into shock if done incorrectly and you risk losing the hedge all together. Our team of experienced gardeners have been doing hedges for more than 20 years and we have all the equipment needed to do the job right and safely. Call for a FREE quote today and let our professional team take the risk out of your hedge trimming.


Get the hedges your neighbours will envy…
beautiful hedges

Hedge trimming is an art and requires experience and someone who knows what they’re doing. Too often we’re called upon to repair the damage that an inexperienced person has done to hedges. Don’t risk all those years of growth! Call Above Expectations Lawns & Garden Maintenance today for a FREE quote and take all the worry out of looking after your hedges.



“Get our professional team to do the job right every time”

hedge garden 2With a back ground in landscaping, our team can offer advice and give your hedges the treatment it deserves. Family owner and business operator, Chris is always on-site to ensure the job is done right “every time”. Why not give us a call and get a No Obligation FREE quote and see just how affordable it can be. 





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