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Top Dressing Nutrients.

lawn preparation3This type of Top Dressing application places a thin layer of organic soil mixture over the area of your lawn and adds organic, natural nutrients and minerals. We would apply a top dressing for nutrients if your lawn is in need of a boost, as it will encourage the production of new shoots and result in a thicker lawn with the added benefit to hinder moss and weed infestations.

Applying a top dressing will introduce materials to your soil that will improve drainage, allow the soil to exchange gases with the atmosphere more effectively and also promote the development of the soil’s micro-flora and micro-fauna needed to break down thatch and grass clippings. Top dressing matter will feed the earthworms too, releasing nutrients into the soil. An added bonus is that top dressing allows the soil to retain moisture better during drier conditions, as well as allowing excess moisture to drain away during heavy rainfall.

gardener preparing lawnCall us today! We supply all the materials, including the correct fertilisers to ensure you get the best possible results! Why do all the hard work yourself when our professional team will do it for you. Spring is the best time to top dress your lawn for the best results. We don’t recommend this in winter, as the grass has slowed down and the summer months are too hot. Call us today and get a free quote. You’ll be surprised at just how affordable it really is, then you and your family can enjoy a lush green lawn once again.


Give your lawn the lift it needs.

Bring your tired lawn back to life again. We use a premium top soil and fertiliser which will give your old lawn new life. The job can be completed in a few hours and you can be enjoying a greener more beautiful lawn again in weeks.  Why not get a FREE quote today! Isn’t your lawn worth it? 

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